Privacy Policy

At GradeCentric (, we hold the privacy of our visitors in high regard. Our Privacy Policy is designed to provide clarity on the information our website may collect and use, and to help our visitors make informed decisions.


Like the majority of websites, GradeCentric uses cookies. These “cookies” are used to store info like visitor preferences and what pages the visitor has visited. This info is used to optimize a visitor’s experience by customizing our web content based on certain info.

We also run third-party advertisements on our site. These advertisers may also use cookies to track certain information.

You may be able to disable cookies through your browser options. For more information about cookie opt-outs and management, it can be found at the respective browser’s platform.

Log Files

GradeCentric follows a common procedure of using log files. “Log files” log visitors when they visit websites. Most, if not all hosting companies utilize these log files in some way. The info collected by these log files includes IP address, ISP, browser type, date and time stamps, referring/exiting pages, number of clicks, and possibly some other information.

This info is not linked to anything personally identifiable.

Third-Party Privacy Policies

GradeCentric’s Privacy Policy does not apply to any other external third party. If you need more information about a specific external third party, then please refer to the respective privacy policy you require.

Embedded Content

This website may use embedded external content. Embedded content can be things like images, videos, quotes, articles, and so on. This embedded content displays in a way as if you were visiting another website, but it is instead through ours.

Embedded content may potentially collect info about you. To see more details about what info embedded content collects, you will have to refer to that respective embedded content platform and its policies.


While browsing our site, you may come across pages that have “comment sections” and the option for visitors to leave comments. To leave a comment, a visitor will be required to leave an email address, username, and optionally a message. Only your username and message will be publicly seen (if submitted). Your email address will remain private but is sent to us through a direct mail system. We may also collect visitors’ IP addresses and browser agent strings to help with moderation and spam detection.

We do not share or sell any email addresses which are provided through comments.

Links To Other Websites / Platforms

While on our site, you may encounter “links” which point to other websites or platforms. If interacted with, these links may potentially take you to an external site or platform.

We have no control over anything that happens on any external site or platform, and we do not assume responsibility for anything that happens on any external website or platform.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

The contents of this Privacy Policy may be altered at any time, at our discretion. We reserve the right to do so.

Website Disclaimer

At, we try our absolute best to make sure all content and information is accurate and correct. However we do not guarantee that anything on this website is accurate or correct. It is possible that site content and info may be outdated, incorrect, or wrong. We do not guarantee accuracy on this website, nor do we accept liability or responsibility if something is incorrect or out of date.


By using this website, GradeCentric, you hereby consent to our Privacy Policy and agree to its conditions.

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or otherwise, feel free to contact us by email: [email protected]