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GradeCentric is the leading authority on grade calculators and grade-related tools.

We are a US-based website publisher that was founded in 2011 under the name “GPA Calc”. We provide a variety of grade-related content including grade calculators, GPA calculators, and more. Grade calculators are specifically our main focus here at GradeCentric.

The reputation that we have built is exceptional, with us being trusted, endorsed, and referenced by hundreds of reputable educational institutions and publications both online and offline – including Columbia University, Yale University, University of Chicago, and many more renowned names.

According to the marketing research tool AHREFS, hundreds of total online websites reference GradeCentric and our content, many of which are reputable organizations and institutions like the ones mentioned above. There are also many offline references to our website and its resources. Based on our track record, we are the best grade calculator resource and are trusted by many to provide said resources.

All of our content follows standard U.S. guidelines and is frequently updated and revised to try and ensure accuracy. Our content’s also 100% free to use and is highly intuitive which is great for students and other visitors alike.

Our Team

The GradeCentric team is made up of a handful of tech and education experts who are highly experienced and proficient in running online publications. This combination of skills allows us to create this incredible website that is trusted and endorsed by so many reputable institutions and organizations. Aside from our management team, we also outsource education experts like teachers, professors, and other education professionals to help further create, revise, and expand our content.

You can be sure that with our expertise, outsourced expert knowledge, and reputation, we are delivering accurate and highly informative content.