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GradeCentric.com is a leading provider of online grade calculation tools. Founded in 2011 under GPA Calc, our mission has always been to deliver the best grade calculation tools and support users in their academic pursuits.

Over the years, we have grown into one of the most trusted and reliable sources for grade calculation tools on the internet, with our tools now used by hundreds of thousands of users and endorsed and referenced by hundreds of educational institutions and online outlets.

Our Grade Calculation Tools

At GradeCentric, we offer a variety of essential grade calculation tools, including grade calculators, GPA calculators, and more, designed to simplify the grade calculation process and support academic success. Our tools stand out due to their innovative features, intuitive user-friendly design, and proven track record of accuracy and reliability.

To ensure the highest level of accuracy, each calculator undergoes rigorous testing and review by education experts and institutional educators.

The Trusted Provider Of Grade Calculation Tools

Our grade calculation tools are trusted, referenced, and endorsed by over 300 educational institutions, online publications, and digital media outlets, according to the marketing research tool AHREFS and the web service tool Google Search Console. This includes references from renowned institutions such as Colorado State University, the University of Connecticut, and The University of New Mexico, among others.

This widespread endorsement underscores our commitment to providing high-quality, accurate, and user-friendly grade calculation tools that meet the needs of students and educators alike.

Our GradeCentric Team

Based in Florida, USA, the GradeCentric team comprises dedicated experts in education, web development, and technology, all focused on providing top-tier grade calculation resources. We are passionate about delivering value through our innovative tools and helping students achieve academic success.

Our diverse skill set and extensive expertise, coupled with GradeCentric’s exceptional reputation, ensure the quality, reliability, and accuracy of our resources.

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