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GradeCentric is a US-based website that provides grade calculators and other grade-related tools. We were founded in 2011 under GPA Calc and have since rebranded to GradeCentric. We specifically provide grade calculators, GPA calculators, easy graders, and a few other grade-related calculators. Grade calculators are specifically our main focus here at GradeCentric.

According to the online marketing research tool AHREFS and the web service Google Search Console, our grading calculators are referenced and endorsed by 300+ educational institutions and online publications. That includes references from renowned institutions like Columbia University, The University of Chicago, Colorado State University, and many more. It goes to show that many reputable figures trust us to provide grading calculator resources.

All of our content follows standard U.S. guidelines and grading methods and is frequently updated and revised with the help of institution educators to try and ensure accuracy. Our content is also 100% free and highly intuitive, which is fantastic for students.

Our Team

The GradeCentric team is made up of a handful of tech and IT experts proficient in running online websites. The team is also very knowledgeable about academic grading and grading systems. This allows us to easily and accurately implement grade-calculating formulas into our calculators. Aside from our management team, we also outsource and get help from institution educators like teachers, professors, and other academics to help create, update, and revise our content.

With our skills, expertise, and extensive reputation, you can be sure that we’re providing the best grade-related calculators, content and information.